The Importance Of Teeth Cleaning

teeth cleaning, Foothill Ranch, CA Professional teeth cleaning is an excellent way to maintain optimal oral health for your child. Teeth cleaning is performed at the dentist’s office and provides a deeper level of cleanliness than can typically be achieved at home. By scheduling regular cleanings, you can help your child prevent certain types of oral health issues from developing. The skilled dental team at the office of Maryam Pearose in Foothill Ranch, CA, can help your child achieve and maintain better oral health with regular teeth cleanings. 

Better Oral Health

One of the best steps you can take towards better oral health for your child is scheduling regular teeth cleanings at your dentist’s office. Establishing an effective oral hygiene routine at home will help your child's teeth and gums stay healthy, but some oral health threats can still develop.

Plaque is a sticky film that is constantly forming on the teeth. Brushing and flossing daily helps remove it, but it’s still easy to miss some in places that are difficult to reach. Lingering plaque can harden and become tartar, which cannot be removed simply by brushing and flossing. Tartar buildup can only be removed during professional teeth cleaning performed by dental professionals with the skills, training, and tools to scrape it off the teeth.

Scheduling regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups with the pediatric dentist at our office in Foothill Ranch, CA can help your child develop better oral health. Professional teeth cleanings help keep teeth and gums healthy, as well as prevent minor oral health issues from developing into more serious and costly problems. 

Link to Overall Health

Numerous studies have demonstrated a link between oral health and overall health. Maintaining a healthy mouth can reduce a child's risk for certain health issues down the road, such as heart disease or stroke. Poor oral health has been linked to an increased risk for these health conditions, as well as others. Oral bacteria can potentially travel to other areas of the body and cause inflammation and infection. Reduce your child's risk by developing an effective oral hygiene routine that includes regular teeth cleanings at the dentist’s office. 

Scheduling teeth cleaning at least once every six months can lead to better oral health and help you child avoid certain problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. To schedule a cleaning and checkup with our pediatric dentist, call the office of Maryam Pearose in Foothill Ranch, CA, at (949) 716-2800.

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